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  • Link Medical announce new Radiopharmaceutical product line in the UK

    Link Medical are pleased to announce two new distribution agreements with Mediradiopharma of Hungary and IDB of Holland. Both companies are major European manufacturers of radiopharmaceuticals and medical sources. Read more >

  • WebMAPS in pre-release testing

    WebMAPS is almost ready for release and is currently in the pre-release testing stage. Click here for more information >

  • Terarecon iNtuition version 4.4.5 in Pre-release Testing

    Link Medical are currently testing Terarecon's 4.4.5 release of iNtuition which brings not only improvements in speed but also massive functionality improvements to it's Colonoscopy and Vessel analysis packages. This will be ready for release to customers in the coming weeks.

  • UltraSPECT Validate Half-dose Protocol

    UltraSPECT have now validated their protocol for half-dose usage offering an immediate solution to the Tc-99m shortage. This offers a full range of options with regards to dose, scan time, and image quality to suit the needs of your nuclear medicine department.

  • TeraRecon iNtuition software is now released in the UK

    The latest TeraRecon iNtuition software is now released in the UK and is being installed in a number of leading hospitals. iNtuition is the most advanced thin-client application available giving powerful image review to the local PC.

  • Codonics Virtua E DICOM now incorporates the jView Java Viewer

    Codonics Virtua E DICOM disc burning and labelling system now incorporates the jView Java Viewer for image review  in the product range.

  • Terarecon iNtuition version 4.5 is now in Pre-release

    Terarecon have released an internal build of the latest version of iNtuition to Link Medical. We're now testing and demonstrating some new functionality including plaque analysis. Also coming soon is the iGentle resolution recovery module which allows lower dose or enhanced images from CT data.

  • Link Medical Install D-Spect at Royal Brompton Hospital

    Link Medical have completed the installation of a D-Spect, Solid State cardiac Gamma camera at Royal Brompton Hospital, London, one of Europe’s leading hospitals for the treatment of Heart and Lung disease . Read more >

  • Link Medical and Asteral have joined forces to install a D-Spect, Solid State Cardiac Gamma Camera to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.

    Asteral, who provide managed equipment service provision, have installed a D-Spect Solid State Cardiac Gamma Camera, which was supplied by Link Medical, for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging at Glenfield Hospital. Read more >

  • MIMSoftware release MIM 5.6

    The latest version of MIM provides a host of new features including MIM Extensions, allowing you to develop your own extensions to MIM in Java and MATLAB, and whole host of other enhancements. More information can be found at the MIM Software website

  • MIM featured on BBC Television

    Following the recent purchase of MIM at Sheffield by Neurocare, the software and it's application have been discussed on the news programme BBC Look North. A clip is made avaialble on YouTube

  • Exciting new clinical application of MIM in Neurology

    Dr Romanowski of Royal Hallamshire Hospital is currently using MIM for tumour volume assesment in low grade gliomas. Supported by Link Medical and Neurocare

  • MIMSoftware release the latest version of MIM Maestro

    MIMSoftware release the latest version of MIM Maestro, enhancing radiotherapy planning and dose evaluation. New features include the Contouring co-pilot, utilising deformable registration on a slice-per-slice basis to dramatically decrease contouring times. Available in coming weeks is CD Encryption for all new and existing customers.

  • Annual BNMS Bash

    The annual BNMS Bash organised by Link Medical, DIL and MIC at the Terrace bar on Brighton seafront was a great success, going on well into the night. The magician performed some amazing feats which were well appreciated by all in attendance and the disco managed to get everyone up on the dance floor.

  • MIMSoftware renames to MIMSoftware and releases MIM 5.2

    MIM Software has released MIM 5.2 which is significantly faster than previous versions, this applies even to older hardware. There is a whole host of new features and now MIM is cross-platform with native support for Apple Mac OS X. For more information please visit

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