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Link Medical and Asteral have joined forces to install a D-Spect, Solid State Cardiac Gamma Camera to Glenfield Hospital in Leicester.

L to R: Asteral’s Tom Wiffen and Robert Mason Seated: Glenfield Hospital’s Sarah Westbury, Technologist, Nuclear Medicine. Right rear: Link Medical’s Peter Dobson CEO, and Bob Kenny MD Right Front: Nicola Murphy, Physicist, Dr Trevor Maskell, Consultant Radiologist

Asteral, who provide managed equipment service provision, have installed a D-Spect Solid State Cardiac Gamma Camera, which was supplied by Link Medical, for Myocardial Perfusion Imaging at Glenfield Hospital.

D-Spect, manufactured by Spectrum Dynamics,  offers many advantages compared to traditional, sodium iodide based gamma cameras. The unique array of CZT crystals enable patients to be imaged in a fraction of the time compared to traditional systems. This results in imaging times as low as 2 minutes compared to 15-20 minutes with a standard gamma camera.

In addition to the vastly improved sensitivity, the image quality benefits from excellent system resolution of around 2 to 3 times better than conventional myocardial perfusion imaging.

New applications for D-Spect include the ability to quantify myocardial flow reserve with dynamic imaging. This protocol, called GURU, has just received CE marking and is now available for general release.

The latest release, now also CE marked, is called SUMO. This protocol utilizes another benefit of D-Spect, exceptional energy resolution, to image, at a very high resolution, I-123 MIBG and Tc compounds simultaneously. Hyper uptake of MIBG occurs in patients with arrhythmia caused by Ganglionated Plexi(GP).  Location of GP allows more accurate identification of ablation sites compared to traditional techniques.

Continuing research on these new protocols will lead to improved accuracy and detection rates of many cardiac diseases at a substantially lower radiation dose compared to CT or Angiography.

2 Minute gated SPECT acquisition on D-Spect showing superior image quality

15 Minute Gated SPECT acquisition on conventional gamma camera


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