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The team

Link Medical are different form other companies in that we place the highest priority on our commitment to supporting you. We can provide outstanding support because of our higher competent and committed team.

Dutoit Medical

We have a long and successful relationship with Ecce Dutoit who acta as our agents in Benelux, France and Germany. Ecce Dutoit are highly respected in their territories and handle all aspects of our business from sales to on-going support. Because of the nature of our customised work we will also have significant direct contact with all our customers worldwide.


Peter Dobson, GRIC, DipM.
Business Development Manager -

Peters' previous history includes many years working in the nuclear medicine industry at the senior management level. He was responsible for setting up distribution of gamma cameras for Sopha Medical in the UK and has wide experience in sales and marketing of all aspects of nuclear medicine and radiotherapy. He will be actively marketing the D-SPECT and InterMedical cameras and assisting with the development of Link Medical's product range. You will be seeing him soon, whether you like it or not.









Bob Kenny, BSc, MSc
Managing Director –

Bob has been involved in developing software and hardware systems for medical applications for almost 40 years. He’s the company C and UNIX guru, what does not know about sockets and inodes, frankly you’d be too scared to ask about! As well as his role as Managing Director Bob is also heavily involved in implementing customer requests into our software.

Contact for: NMpacs, MAPS, jView, Unix/Linux, Gamma Cameras


John Ford
Sales Director –

John has a huge amount of experience in management and sales and currently coordinates TeraRecon sales for the company. John also manages the issuing of service contracts across our product range. A word of advice about, John – return his calls, it is easier that way; trust us he’ll keep calling!

Contact for: TeraRecon, Service contracts


Paul Knight, BSc
Applications Specialist –

Paul joined Link from University early in 2008 with experience in Internet Computing. His computer knowledge has proved a useful asset to the company and is now a valued member of the application support team. He has worked on the jView Java application and has implemented this in the Codonics Virtua CD Burner. Do not accept a lift in his car unless you are very appreciative of Drum and Bass music.

Contact for: TeraRecon, MIMvista, UltraSPECT and jView


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