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Whether for a clinical department, hospital IT, or original equipment manufacturer, we have a long history of solving the most complex connectivity problems. Time and time again we have solved problems for our customers that other companies have shied away from attempting. Our customers include hospital departments, private clinics and the Original Equipment Manufacturers such as GE, Siemens, and Philips. In all cases we bring a long history of experience and commitment to smoothing the workflow.

This uniquely tailored solution, for any size of department, will provide you with systems required for reliable, efficient, and comprehensive connectivity. We can offer a one-stop solution to all you DICOM connectivity issues, from providing DICOM conversion to non-DICOM data, PACS integration, Worklist functionality for legacy equipment, automatic archiving, and external, secure data transfer.

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DICOM Service for non-DICOM Equipment

A good example of where we have succeeded where others fear to tread is the provision of DICOM services for non-DICOM equipment. Do you have a legacy camera that is filling a crucial clinical need but does not have DICOM export or DICOM modality worklist capability? Well we can provide these services for you for many legacy systems.

TeleRadiology and Secure Data transfer

It is be coming a common requirement to transfer data between sites over insecure channels. Burining of CDs is no longer acceptable from a data integrity point of view and could even be considered illegal under the data protection act. We have fully secure methods of transferring data using standard internet connections. As well as being encrypted, the data is also compressed resulting in fast and secure transmission.

PACS plugin for data analysis

For many imaging modalities, for example PET-CT, Multi-slice CT, nuclear medicine, and MR, we can provide PACS plugin and standalone tools to process, report and review.

Bespoke Projects

We will endeavour to solve any connectivity issues you have. We have a long history and extensive library of software to allow us to quickly, efficiently, and therefore cost effectively produce bespoke and tailored soltions. An example of a recent project is where, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust, required an automatic method of sending all raw data from their multiple processing workstations to PACS.

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