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MAPS – Highly customized thin-client nuclear medicine processing

MAPS is a highly flexible Nuclear Medicine processing system. It can run as a stand alone processing workstation or a multiple concurrent user Thin-Client Server system. We work differently from other companies in that we place the highest priority on customisation and ongoing support.

With MAPS you get what you need and want Not what you are given.

Customised and Automated Protocol Driven Processing for Efficient and Accurate Work.

A range of advanced processing protocols are available that can be readily customised to the requirements of an individual customer. Where a unique solution is required, new protocols can be developed easily either by Link Medical or ‘in-house’. The combination of flexibility and robustness makes MAPS the ideal solution for routine use, development and implementation of new techniques and for basic research.

Nuclear Medicine Processing on the Workstation and Thin Client-Server for Unrestricted Access Anywhere.

Think about the possibilities; a single system can support 5, 10, or 20+ simultaneous users all accessing the full processing suite from ANY networked PC and all included in a single network license. Link Medical were the first company to bring this power to the Nuclear Medicine industry breaking the conventional processing bottleneck of single seat workstations once and for all. With Link if you require another processing seat you simple install a small piece of software on another host PC – no expensive additional workstation hardware – no expensive additional software – NO extra license cost at all.

Processing Customisation and Customer Specified Developments: Get what you want NOT what your given

It is one of the features of Nuclear Medicine that different centres may have different methods of processing. The MAPS product range is a highly customised Nuclear Medicine processing system uniquely tailored for your needs. We work differently from other companies in that the starting point is a discussion of your needs and how we can meet them. Based on our open system approach and 20 years of software development we can very quickly customise the solution precisely as you specify it.

If we do not currently have the functionality you require we will implement it – its as simple as saying it!

This commitment to customer specific developments continues past installation and past the warranty period. In fact if you have service contract with us we will always endeavour to implement your requests.

Not only does this mean you will benefit from a customised solution, you will also benefit from all other customer’s development requests. We operate like an Open Source community in that all developments are shared with all users in the Link Medical community.

We also understand that customers often need to develop their own protocols to meet specific research requirements and to permit the use of processing protocols that have been established in-house. MAPS is an open platform where the complete set of underlying programs and ‘C’ libraries is available to the user, together with on-line manual pages and instructions for ‘C’ program and C-shell script development.

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