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MIM Imaging workflow is enterprise-wide PC based software, with floating licensing, that will allow you to perform all of your preplanning tasks from your workroom, your office, or even your home. It will deliver state of the art applications for image viewing, fusion, and contouring for CT, MR, PET, SPECT and dose maps.

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Automatic Atlas Based Contouring

Every few years you see a development that makes you take a step back and think. MIM Automatic Contouring for Radiotherapy is one of those moments. This really is a way of automatically (YES AUTOMATICALLY) contouring a complete complex RT case. If you are a little sceptical I don’t blame you – it really is that astonishing what has been achieved. But it has been clinically evaluated and the results published in literature. See this recent review article for more details and call us for a demonstration.

Adaptive therapy Re-contouring, automatically deforms the patient's previous contours to match their anatomy in the current planning CT. Utilizing the VoxAlign Deformation Engine™, MIMcontouring Advanced unlocks the power of deformable registration for Radiation Oncology.

Atlas-based Segmentation creates contours for entire structure sets, including target volumes, on initial planning CT’s, dramatically reducing the time necessary for initial contour generation and improving contouring consistency.

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MIM Storage Server, an image-centric RT PACS solution leveraging the power of MIMSoftware's diagnostic display software, allows seamless integration between DICOM modalities and RTP workstations. MIM Storage Server easily handles both traditional modalities and DICOM RT objects.

MIMSoftware also provides tools to enhance communication with referring physicians, patients, and colleagues with MIMviewer DICOM CDs.

MIMSoftware has responded to the need of Radiation Oncology departments for saving time, while enhancing patient care.

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