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Link Medical are UK agents for the industry leading TeraRecon Aquarius product range.

TeraRecon are the leading innovator and provider of 3D and Client-Server solutions to radiology. Two major challenges face radiology in the modern diagnostic environment.

  1. Appropriate access to appropriate tools
  2. Handling of very large slice data generated by modern MR and multi-slice CT.

TeraRecon has addressed these bottlenecks with the Aquarius product range. Based on dedicated server based graphics hardware, TeraRecon can put a workstation class tool on any PC in your enterprise.

  • Integration

    Aquarius can run as a standalone application or fully integrated into PACS/RIS

  • Access

    Aquarius does not limit the number of client installations. It will run on virtually any PC. Think of the possibilities, an advanced workstation class tool on a Pentium 3 PC!

  • Advanced processing

    Aquarius provides industry leading 3D, Cardiac, Colonoscopy, Vessel analysis, Lung nodule CAD…

  • Speed

    Aquarius is based on purpose designed server based graphics hardware. A 500 slice study will be loaded and reconstructed in less than 10s. Further reconstruction and image manipulation is then instantaneous.

  • Cost

    Aquarius is licensed according to the principal that you can have Any Feature Any Where but you don’t have to have Every Feature Every Where. This leads to efficient license costs. If you need 3D for a large number of users but Colonoscopy for a small number our licensing supports this.

  • Ease of use

    Aquarius was the first and still is the market leader in thin-client access. With this has to come an understanding of the right way to design a user interface. Aquarius’ intuitive and clean interface leads to low training, support and roll out costs.

Aquarius iNtuition

iNtuition is a unified workflow platform providing the underlying foundation throughout the family of Aquarius products. It is designed to deliver integrated, advanced imaging workflow into your healthcare enterprise. The interactive 3D & 4D distribution and image management enables 'thin-client' PCs to act as real-time pos-processing diagnostic workstations.

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TeraRecon's Advanced Pre-Processing Server can be programmed to automatically perform a variety of image processing steps.

Learn more about AquariusAPS

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