D-Spect Cardio

D-SPECT Cardio from Spectrum Dynamics the inventors of CZT solid state technology for Nuclear Medicine

The sole focus of Spectrum Dynamics is the development of high-definition, functional imaging technology that meets the clinical and workflow demands of today’s diagnostic imaging market. A field void of major gamma camera developments for the past two decades.

Spectrum Dynamics is synonymous with industry breakthrough. With a diverse portfolio that includes over 70 patents, patent applications and preparation applications, plus accessories that assure quality control and complete patient data collection and verification throughout the imaging process.

D-Spect Cardio is the latest innovation from Spectrum Dynamics and combines all the benefits of D-Spect-Vista with even greater performance and versatility.

D-SPECT Cardio features for advanced cardiac imaging:

  • Flexible scan/chair positioning: based on patient needs
  • Digital detectors allow customized workflow: dose/time
  • Touch screen positioning monitor on gantry
  • True native planar imaging for Amyloid and MUGA applications
  • Stress only option: EMAC Attenuation Correction option
  • Rapid dynamic acquisitions for Myocardial Flow Reserve (MFR): The  addition of MFR to SPECT MPI provides the ability to potentially add important clinical and prognostic information to the patient study. Enabled by the cardio centric design of the D-SPECT® and temporal resolution of the CZT digital technology, MFR is an exciting new addition to SPECT practice.
  • Fast results*: The D-SPECT® Cardio can acquire a complete gated SPECT study in as little as 2-3 minutes, improving clinical workflow and reducing the chance of patient motion.
    (*Total imaging time may vary based on patients’ BMI)
  • Dose reduction: The extremely high sensitivity of the D-SPECT®  Cardio detectors allows for dramatic reductions in injected dose.  Patients and staff benefit from the lower radiation dose.

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