Veriton SPECT

Veriton SPECT from Spectrum Dynamics the inventors of CZT solid state technology for Nuclear Medicine

The sole focus of Spectrum Dynamics is the development of high-definition, functional imaging technology that meets the clinical and workflow demands of today’s diagnostic imaging market. A field void of major gamma camera developments for the past two decades.

Spectrum Dynamics is synonymous with industry breakthrough. With a diverse portfolio that includes over 70 patents, patent applications and preparation applications, plus accessories that assure quality control and complete patient data collection and verification throughout the imaging process. Now, another first from Spectrum Dynamics:

The World’s first CZT multi-detector SPECT system

With 360 degree detector coverage, and unique proximity sensors providing 3X volumetric sensitivity vs current technologies, no other nuclear medicine system is able to get as close as VERITON.

  • Organ optimized proximity scanning for superior body contouring
  • Unlike the Anger design the whole detector FOV is used
  • Superior 3D image quality for improved lesion detection
  • Simultaneous scanning shortens exam time/improves efficiency
  • Lower radiation doses…less injected activity
  • No collimator exchange allows more rapid workflow
  • New advanced applications due to CZT digital technology & detector design
  • Rapid SPECT scans – 3 minute bed positions for bone scans
  • Multi-view planar

CZT alone is not the answer for improved image quality and shorter examination times.

Introducing the 360° Contour Scanning

Conventional Camera

  • 2 large flat detectors
  • Larger average distance to source
  • Inefficient photon detection
  • Indirect photon conversion reduces SNR
  • Lead collimators interfere with image quality
  • Multi-collimator exchange
  • Outdated imaging technology



  • 12 independent detector arms
  • Designed to more closely contour to the patient
  • Maximum photon detection
  • State-of-the-art direct digital conversion
  • Pixel Registered Tungsten collimators
  • No collimator exchange
  • Constant full 360° patient coverage
  • Focussed SPECT scanning for improved sensitivity and resolution

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